Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Herb & Veggie Update

Our garden has really taken off in the last couple weeks.  I thought I would share some pictures.

 The above box has broccoli in the middle and tomatoes at the bottom.  The empty spot is where our squash was planted but we transplanted it into the ground on Sunday since it was getting so large and starting to overtake the broccoli.
 This box is mostly herbs.  On the far side is parsley and cilantro.  There is also basil and lemon thyme over there you can't see.  Closer to the bottom is dill and green onions on the right with some dill mixed in.  We have learned that dill spreads like crazy!
 This box is 2 kinds of lettuce and spinach at the bottom.  If you look closely you can see some dill made it's way into this box too.
This box has 2 kinds of tomatoes on the far side and several types of peppers at the bottom.  These tomatoes have gotten much bigger over the past couple days.  We will need to tie them up soon.
  photo dinner-signature_zpsccb424d2.jpg

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