Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Super Simple Pizza Rolls

I originally saw this idea on pinterest.  It is so simple and is perfect for a day when I need to sleep all day before heading back to work.  It probably takes 15 minutes total. Obviously there are many recipes for pepperoni rolls that are much more time intensive and are soooo good but this one works well for throwing together a quick meal.
1 pkg crescent rolls
1 pkg turkey sausage
1 pkg mozzarella string cheese
Marinara sauce (optional)
Lay crescent roll dough out.  Cover with pepperoni slices to your liking. 

Cut string cheese in 1/2. You will need 4 pieces of string cheese cut into 8.  Place 1/2 size of string cheese on the larger end of crescent roll and roll the dough up as if you were making a crescent roll.
 Then bake according to crescent roll package instructions 11-13 minutes @ 375 degrees.

Optional: heat marinara for dipping sauce.
 Layla Jane had ice cream for dinner...
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