Monday, September 23, 2013

Meal Planning Monday!

There is no meal plan to review for last week since we were on vacation.  But this is the plan for the upcoming week.  It is subject to change as always.  I'll post a review next week.
This has been one of my most viewed recipes on the blog and one of the first recipes I ever posted.  I am making it today in 2 square pans instead of a large rectangle one so I can freeze half for my friend's C&T who had a baby last night

Tuesday: Scwhan's Chicken Enchiladas
We have had this enchilada meal from Schwan's in our freezer for a while so we are going to cook it for dinner tonight.  And by cook it I mean heat it up.  Easy peasy!
Wednesday: Leftover Baked Ziti 

Thursday: Dinner at the bowling alley

Friday:  Gnocchi
With homemade noodles/gnocchi.

Saturday:  Mom & Dad's
My Gramma is in town from Florida for one day only so my parents are having people over Saturday afternoon to visit.  I have to work but we are going to try to head over there for a little bit before and we will eat while we are there.

Sunday: Banh Mi
I couldn't begin to tell you how to make this but we had Banh Mi from a food truck back in July and it was so good.  Eric immediately researched multiple recipes for making it.  He made one a couple months back with pork tenderloin and now he said he has a recipe with ground pork that he wants to try.  If you live in Charlottesville check out the Hanu Food Truck.  Soooo good!

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  1. OOooh Banh Mi tips! pickle the veggies a few days in advance and get those take and bake baguettes from the store so that you can put them on warm bread!

  2. Can you share your homemade gnocchi recipe?!!?! yum!

    1. Eric's mom made them so I don't have the exact recipe but his aunt gave us a pasta maker so when we get around to making our own pasta I'll be sure to do a post on it!