Monday, November 25, 2013

5 on Friday!

Well if you are a regular reader than you know our big news already but
We bought a house on Monday!
So yesterday was Thanksgiving.  We celebrated with my family in the house I grew up in.  My parents are retiring and moving to Florida in the spring so it was our last Thanksgiving at home.  They built the house before I was born and so it was home for 29 years (even though I haven't actually lived there in 11 years).  Maybe for my 30th Thanksgiving we can host in our new house.  That means I have to figure out how to make a turkey.   I made mac n' cheese, sweet potato casserole, & pecan pie - recipes to come!



I decorated the new house for Christmas even though we don't live there yet.

  Just the basics so far but there will be more to come.


Eric's mom got us an early Christmas present - furniture for our great room.  We got a couch, oversized chair, and ottoman.  It's being delivered on Tuesday.
Currently our couch is so uncomfortable that only Layla Jane will lay on it, needless to say this will be a big improvement.


We got to spend the night before Thanksgiving with friends visiting from out of town and had a really fun night. Better yet we have even more out of town friends coming on Saturday. 

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