Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend spent with friends and family so I thought I'd share.

We started off with a quick trip to Walmart on Friday night to load up for groceries for the weekend.  Then we went to El Jaripeo for dinner with our friend Weaver for dinner and were in bed early for the night.

Saturday we had (Eric really) big plans to smoke 4 pork shoulders for a party Sunday.  He was up at 6am to fire up the smoker.  Then we had some friends over that afternoon.  We did some day drinking and hanging out outside since the weather was nice and the smoker needed to run for 12 hours.

After the meat finished we ordered pizza and had a quick dinner before heading downtown for a show at the State Theatre with friends. It was a great show and it was both of our first times to go into the newly renovated theatre.

After that we headed to The Pier to see another band based on my brother's recommendation.

Today we had a baby shower for some of our best friends which I will recap more tomorrow.  Then some other friends of ours stopped by for a dinner of barbecue leftovers.

All in all we had a wonderful weekend and I can't believe it's over already.  Even though there is more cold weather predicted in the upcoming weeks, it was so nice to get a glimpse of spring and warmer weather!

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