Monday, May 26, 2014

A Container Garden Update

It's been about 2 weeks since I last showed you all the progress with our container gardens.  They are coming right along.

The lettuce is coming up but not as much as we planted.  I saved extra seeds so I am going to fill in the bare areas with some additional seeds.

The peppers are getting taller...

The herbs are growing like crazy.  Our cilantro is huge.  The parsley is really growing, as is the dill.

The garlic seems to be growing well too.  This is the first time we have grown garlic. 

The tomatoes are growing as well.  I caged them last weekend and they are just shooting up.  


  1. Your herbs and tomatoes look so healthy! I haven't done well growing basil, but I'd like to try it again because we all love it!

    1. Definitely give it another shot! It's so good. Another thing you can try is buying a bunch of it at the store that still has the roots attached and just keeping it in a glass of water on a sunny window. It will last a LONG time that way