Friday, June 20, 2014

Herbs & Veggies: An Update

Our little container garden is doing so well this year!!

My lemon tree is flowering!

We have been cutting back and eating up our lettuce but you can see some small plants coming up where I replanted a few weeks ago.

Dill is getting tall...

Just look at our peppers.  I would say peppers seem to be the biggest improvement over last year.  Last year they were in a container that also had tomatoes and this year I dedicated an entire planter box just to them.  We have tons of peppers growing and some of them even look as if they are nearing time to eat.

Ancho peppers



Garlic  seems to be doing well.  I have to do some more research to known when the garlic is ready for harvest.

Our herbs are doing really well with the exception of the cilantro.  The cilantro was doing great but at this point it has seen better days.  I think it is about time to pull it up and replant it for more.  It's important to keep cilantro cut back even if you aren't using it and not let it flower, but it was growing so fast it got away from us.

Basil plant with lemon thyme in the bottom right corner and rosemary at the bottom left.

Parsley and oregano...


Rosemary, lemon thyme & basil.

and lastly, tomatoes...lots of them!

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