Monday, August 12, 2013


No recipes today.  We had BLTs for dinner with our home-grown tomatoes.  I think most everyone knows how to make a BLT already.  But summer is a great time for BLTs because the tomatoes are so fresh.  Use your homegrown tomatoes or hit up your local farmer's market for delicious tomatoes to use in your BLTs.  You won't regret it!

Instead I will share something different.  A blog I used to read would do posts called Read, Watch, Listen so I thought I would give it a try.
What I'm reading... 

I had both of these books at hold on the library and just picked them up.  I am reading Second Honeymoon first as I know it will only take me a day or two depending on how much time I have this week with work.

The Silver Star is Jeannette Walls new book.  I read her memoir The Glass Castle and really liked it.  Also she lives in my little town so I definitely put this one at the top of my list.
Any book suggestions for me?  I have an OBX trip coming up in September and I hope to have lots of time to sit and read on the beach and pool.

What I'm watching...

Big Brother 15.  Things are about to get serious ya'll, that mega alliance has got to break up.  How funny was that clip in last night's episode where everyone said how they should be safe because they were friends with Andy?  Uh-oh Andy, I think you're about to make some enemies!

What I'm listening to...
The Courtyard Hounds, Amelita.  I loved (still love) the Dixie Chicks and I had no idea that 2 of them had gone out on their own as the Courtyard Hounds until my friend Sarah reviewed their new CD.  I haven't purchased the CD yet but I have been listening to it on Pandora and I need to buy it.
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