Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Ya'll!
I am off cruising the Caribbean this week with my mom and Gramma.  Today we are in Georgetown, Grand Cayman.  I just wanted to share a little story with ya'll about Eric & I...
5 years ago on Halloween, Eric & I "met" at a Halloween party at a mutual friend's house.  I say "met" because we did know each other in High School, but were really just acquaintances and definitely were not in touch throughout college.  But 5 years ago on Halloween, Eric had recently moved home after finishing grad school and I had been back in town for a few years after college and we both attended a Halloween party at our friend Robbie's house.  I was dressed as a fairy, he was a golfer.  I remember that we started talking in a room filled with lots of people playing beer pong and the next thing you know we were the only people in the room.  Several hours later I was I was getting ready to leave the party I was exchanging numbers with my friend Weaver who I hadn't seen since high school in the kitchen and Eric walked up said that he couldn't believe I was going to let Weaver have my number and not give it to him too, so we exchanged numbers & the rest is history...5 years later & we're engaged!

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