Monday, October 7, 2013

Meal Planning Monday!


In this weekly post I share our meal plan for the week and recap to the previous week's plan and recipes if available.

This week's plan...
Monday: BLTs & chips, nothing fancy

Tuesday: Grilled Marinaded Chicken & baked sweet potatoes (from our CSA)

Wednesday: Chicken Stir Fry

Thursday: Bowling Alley

Friday:  Slow Cooker Beef Sliders with Pickled Peppers + CSA Veggies
This is a recipe I saw on Southern Living.  Doesn't it look so good?

Saturday: Leftover Beef Sliders

Sunday: We are going to Taste of Culpeper so we will be having wine and food at the little festival.

Last week's recap...

Monday Plan: Salad with Grilled Flank Steak & Luscious Lemon Cake

Eric's mom came over for dinner for her birthday.  We had a big salad with grilled flank steak and I made a Luscious Lemon Cake.   This salad is so good, if you haven't noticed we've eaten it the last 3 weeks.  We marinate the flank steak in Shenandoah Spice Company's Spicy Adobo Rub.  This is a local company but you can buy their products online if you are not local.

Tuesday Plan: Salad with Grilled Flank Steak
More of the same!

Wednesday Plan: Leftover Sausage & Peppers on Sandwiches with chips
We had sausage & peppers leftover from Sunday night and ate it on sandwiches with some chips we already had on hand.

Thursday Plan: Bowling Alley
I ate at the bowling alley and Eric ate sausage & peppers again.

Friday Plan: Zuppa Toscana
Failure...we went to try a new restaurant in town instead - Davis Street Pier Seafood.  Eric doesn't love seafood but I thought it was good.  I had a shrimp po boy which tasted great but could have had a bit more shrimp & Eric tried the fried shrimp which were huge!

Saturday Plan: Go to a restaurant
We had dinner plans with friends for tonight.  We went to a new Mexican restaurant we have in town called El Jaripeo and it was soooo good!

Sunday Plan:  Grilled Pizza
Ha!  We really failed this weekend.  We ended up going to the bar to watch football with our friends and ate a late lunch so we just skipped eating a real dinner.

Overall we stuck to our plan through the week but we went out 3x this weekend.  Oops!

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