Monday, October 14, 2013

Meal Planning Monday!

This week's meal plan might as well be called the week of soup.  Blame it on 5 straight rainy, dreary days I guess.  Sometimes soup is just so good plus a lot of times when we make soup we will freeze half of it so we have a quick meal at some point down the road.
Monday: Baked Spaghetti
Eric made homemade tomato sauce with ground beef yesterday so we will use this to make baked spaghetti.  We have a meeting today at 4:00 and  I have to be at work at 7:00 so it doesn't leave us a whole lot of time to get anything together.
Tuesday: Smoky Corn Chowder with Shrimp
Wednesday: Drunken Noodles
We have a frozen drunken noodles meal from Schwans so we will just whip that up for dinner since it's another work night for me. 
Thursday: Bowling Alley
Friday:  Charlottesville?
I am hoping we can get down to Charlottesville to meet a bunch of my college friends for dinner.
Saturday: Zuppa Toscana
I planned to make this a few week's ago and it didn't happen.  Once again we are getting potatoes and kale in our CSA portion so that's already most of the things I need.
Sunday:  Football Party
We are having friends over for a football party for the Redskins game.  It's a 1:00 game but we will probably be eating in the afternoon and not eating dinner.  I know chili is on the menu, probably also chips & dip or maybe pumpkin dip.  I'll share the exact menu in my recap next week.



Last week's recap...

Monday Plan: BLTs & chips
BLTs & dill pickle chips it was.  We used Schwan's pepper bacon.  It's really good!

Tuesday Plan: Chicken & Sweet Potatoes
We marinaded some chicken with a garlic & herb marinade and grilled it.  It was served alongside baked sweet potatoes.  I forgot to take a picture.

Wednesday Plan: Chicken Stir Fry
Eric made this chicken stir fry and I shared the recipe Thursday.

Thursday Plan: Bowling Alley
I ate at the bowling alley but Eric actually ate more of the leftover stir fry.

Friday Plan: Slow Cooker Beef Sliders with Pickled Peppers

Saturday Plan: Leftover Beef Sliders
We had the leftovers for lunch then went out to The Cattle Co., a local BBQ restaurant, with a big group of friends for dinner since we had friends visiting from Richmond.

Sunday Plan:  Taste of Culpeper
It was rainy and gross & we hadn't pre-purchased our tickets so instead we stayed home and did a lot of cooking.  We had hot ham & cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Then, Eric made homemade tomato sauce and  I made Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Then we made breaded & pan fried chicken breasts with potatoes & onions from our CSA portion for dinner.

And just for a bonus, I made these Peanut Butter Double Fudge Brownie Cookies on Sunday.

We did pretty well at sticking to our plan for the week.  As always there were a few change ups for the weekend.  We ate a meal out when we had planned to eat at home but then we ate a meal at home when we had planned to eat out so it all balanced out.
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