Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Inspiration

I love Christmas!  I love buying Christmas gifts for others & decorating & getting together with friends and family to celebrate.  And Christmas cards...I love sending them and I love a whole month of getting mail that isn't bills or junk!   Eric says I can't decorate until the day after Thanksgiving which is fine.  So the whole month of November I think about it and get myself all excited.  I work Thanksgiving and the following night this year which puts me sleeping the day after Thanksgiving so I am not sure when I will decorate but I thought I'd share some inspiration here.  (Also I am under no illusion that my Christmas decorations will look like these, I am just not that good or that patient).   I blame Pinterest.

I love maps and globes.  How cute is this ornament?  Eric told me if I bought any more ornaments our tree would probably fall over but I just love this one.   Little does he know I have already stashed away a couple throughout the year.

And I love this sign for hanging over the mantle.
This bunting would look so cute strung around my living room and I know I could whip it up if I wanted.

Either of these wreaths would look lovely on my front door.

I love this sign for outside my front door.

I've never done a themed Christmas tree before and this probably won't be the year but I think these ones are so fun!

A dessert tree...
Swirls of color
And why not throw in this tree skirt?

And last but not least this tree is totally over the top and I love it...


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