Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cozumel & a Margarita Recipe!

Our last port was Cozumel, Mexico on Friday.  This day was nice because we didn't get into port until a little bit later so we didn't have to rush in the morning to get ready and get off the ship to be at our scheduled excursion.  Gramma picked the excursion for this trip and we went on a Discover Mexico Jose Cuervo tour.  We got off the ship and met our guide Ruy & then took vans to their site.
The first part of the tour was a fine arts museum where he talked to us a lot about Mexican culture and the arts.

Next we walked through the botanical gardens where they had several models of Mayan temples & cities.  Here are just a few...

Now the important part...TEQUILA!
I didn't really take any pictures during this part of the visit but I learned some new things about tequila.  First we were told that Americans drink tequila wrong & that it is not intended for lime & salt.  Tequila tasting was explained to be more like how we do a wine tasting in the U.S.  After tasting several kinds of tequila, we had margaritas and they were so good.  It was also approximately 9000 degrees that day so an ice cold margarita was the perfect way to end the excursion.
I will share a simple margarita recipe that was shared with us
 (Makes 2)
2 oz tequila
2 oz triple sec
2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
1-1.5 oz simple syrup or agave syrup.
Mix all ingredients together and serve on the rocks or blend with ice for a frozen margarita.
Something unique about these margaritas is that they rim the glass with a spice mix of chili powder, lime & salt.  The mix they use is called Tajin and can be purchased online or from a Mexican grocery store if you cannot find it in the international section of your grocery store. That is what gives the margarita the red/brown color in the above picture.
And then we headed back on to the ship and went to dinner.  We were fortunate to have a suite on the back of the ship with a large balcony where we were able to catch this beautiful sunset as we sailed away from Cozumel that night.  It was a beautiful way to end the trip for sure.

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