Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

I spent my Friday afternoon with HG since she was sick and couldn't go to daycare.  I love this picture from after her nap - major bed head.

Then when Eric got home from work we headed over to our friend Jason's house.  They had a few cocktails then we went to the Davis Street Pier for dinner.  Afterwards we walked up the street to meet some friends at the Copper Fish for a few drinks.

Saturday we slept in late then got up and went to lunch with our friend Weaver at Glory Days.  Then we headed home to watch the Olympics and play Risk...just a quick 6 hour game. Ha!

At some point during the game we decided we needed margaritas so our friend Jason came over bearing limes and triple sec and we made the most delicious margaritas!

Then once Weaver completed his world domination, we all headed out to dinner at El Jaripeo and as always it was really good.  

Sunday morning I woke up not feeling the greatest.  We went to Warrenton for brunch for Mom's birthday.  We are at Claire's at the Depot.  Then we swung back by my parents on the way home to get some stuff from their house.  By time we got home I was really not feeling well so I just spent the rest of the day napping or laying around watching the Olympics and Eric made homemade chicken noodle soup.

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