Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ham and Cheese Biscuits

These biscuits were quick and easy to make but also really good!  I got the idea from Shay at Mix & Match Mama.

What you need:
1 can biscuits
3/4 lb ham
8 slices cheddar 

Cook biscuits according to package instructions.  Best to cook to the lesser side of the time as they will go back in.

While biscuits are hot, slice and layer with 2-3 slices of ham and a piece of cheese.  

Place top of biscuit back on and drizzle the top with a little bit of honey.  

Place back in oven for 5 minutes, until heated through and melty.

These can also be wrapped up individually for breakfast or lunch next day and are good reheated, or even cold!

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