Monday, September 21, 2015

A Gloomy Day Calls for Chili

My dad's in town and was coming over for dinner tonight.  I had planned to make chicken sausage and veggies and then it was a rainy, gloomy day so I decided on chili instead.  I've shared a couple chili recipes on the blog in the past and thought I would just do a quick recap post.  Tonight I made the meaty chili with only 1 jalapeno.  The nicest thing about this chili (besides that it is delicious) is that it takes less than an hour to make; whereas, most chili takes much longer.   However, if you prefer a chicken chili, the crockpot recipe below is so easy and also reeally good!

Meaty Chili

 photo dinner-signature_zpsccb424d2.jpg

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