Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Eat Local Wednesday!

This was our very last CSA portion of the year.  We got lots of good stuff as you can see.  For anyone who is interested for next year, the CSA we participate in is called Madison Eats.  We get weekly portions starting at the end of April and running through the end of October.  I credit this CSA with teaching me to use some new ingredients that I had never used before.  It helped us to find some new favorites as well.  See below for some of our favorite recipes using CSA ingredients we have had over the past few years.

*  Cabbage  *  Swiss Chard  *  Sweet Potatoes  *  Potatoes  *  Garlic  *  Onions  *  Carrots  * 
Winter Squash  *  Mixed Braising Greens  *

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