Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday!

5 on Friday are my favorite posts and I have taken about a month off so I am excited to be back and sharing some things that make me smile today!

I just had 2 fabulous weeks of vacation and have been home for 2 weeks now.  You can read about all my travels here...
Jamaica & Haiti
Grand Cayman Island
 Layla Jane got her monthly Bark Box yesterday.  For those of you with puppy "children" you should check Bark Box out.  Each month you will get a package with 1-2 dog toys and 2-3 types of dog treats for your dog.  You tell them how big your dog is so they size the toys and treats appropriately.  The toys are high quality and last longer than the normal 5 minutes to destroy a toy.  Also 10% of the money goes to dogs in need.  Check it out, your dog will thank you forever.
Eric sent me this yesterday....bah humbug!  I think I will put up my tree on Tuesday, he will learn to love it and Thanksgiving will come just the same & it will be celebrated & there will be food, lots of food!
He obviously missed my Christmas inspiration post from earlier this week.
I got to spend yesterday in my favorite town - Charlottesville with my friend Terra and her girls!  These girls make me so happy!

We have been trying to make wedding related decisions lately.  So far we have chosen our bridal party and not much else but we spent Saturday with our parents at Sharp Rock Vineyards in Rappahannock to check it out as a possible wedding venue.  I love the setting & I love the wine!
 photo dinner-signature_zpsccb424d2.jpg

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